Parents Role

Parents Role in Ensuring School & Child Security

In response to the present day conditions it is important that the school and parents must work together to ensure child's safety. To further strengthen the security of each individual in and outside the school premises we request you to kindly follow the given guidelines:

  • Ensure that your child learns mother/father's mobile numbers.
  • Ensure that your child learns home address and map way to home.
  • Ensure that the child remembers emergency numbers.
  • Students must be swiftly dropped off at the school gate. Parents are requested not to linger around outside the gates.
  • Parents are advised to leave home earlier than usual to be in school on time and avoid unnecessary blockage.
  • Parents and drivers will not be allowed inside the school gates.
  • Parents are strictly advised not to drop off any parcels at the school gate including lunchboxes, pencil boxes and books/copies.
  • All parents must ensure a prompt pickup for their child. Delayed pickup later than 15 minutes will not be entertained.
  • Prior application is required for absence from school. In case of an emergency, the student must bring an application the next day to ensure that the student has been absent with the parents’ knowledge.
  • Parents must insist upon van drivers to reach school before time to ensure all students are inside the school premises in time. Late vans after the gates have closed will not be allowed to drop students off at the gate.
  • We make all possible efforts to ensure that the children do not require attending any tuition after school but if you feel that your child requires some additional support than make proper arrangements to pick and drop your child to the tuition.
  • Educate your child about the adverse effects of communicating with any strangers.
  • Talk to your child about his/her day at school and inquire if he/she came across any unusual activities in his/her surroundings. If he/she reports anything that is unusual than inform the responsible school authorities at your earliest.
  • At school we strive to promote a culture of safety and trust. We ask that you talk with your children about the importance of sharing information that could be considered threatening to our schools and community with a responsible adult (eg. teachers).
  • In case of any short leaves or half days the parents should themselves come to pick the child from school.
  • Essentially, each child is required to wear a Hifazat Taweez. If required it can be taken from mohallah Amil Sahab.