An Eye Opener: Counseling Session for Seniors

Education intends to prepare students for their future life and the challenges which come their way. With this intention in mind, a counseling session was arranged for the senior students of Class 10 who are coming to the end of their school life and must prepare themselves for higher education.

In order to prepare them to tackle their upcoming exams in with a positive attitude and have goals for their future, Burhanuddin Fakhruddin, an ex-student of BHS, held a short motivational session with them on Friday 25th August 2017 in the SMART Room. The speaker used his experience to speak about how important it is for students to have clear aims and have multiple plans to achieve their goals. He discussed how vital it is to possess the ability to deal with failure and rejection as well as the need to find one’s passion and purpose in life.

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  1. Counseling is must to choose the goals specially from class 7th to.onward keep it up .

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