Fridays Come to Life at BHS with Morning Presentations

Friday mornings are always anticipated as there is the promise of an interesting morning presentation during assembly. This Friday, 25th August 2017, the air was alive with the sound of animals as the students of Class 2 (Primary Section) gave an interesting and comprehensive presentation on the Animal Kingdom, classifying birds, fishes, amphibians and mammals according to their traits. The costumes and props were vibrant and life-like but more noteworthy was the students confidence and coordination.  The presentation ended on how all the creatures performed Noha and Aweel on Imam Husain, from the birds to the fishes.

Class 9B students, with reference to their topic in General Science on Waste and the Three R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) presented items they had recycled creatively like a salt and pepper shaker made from bottle caps, a goblet fashioned from plastic pet bottles, pencil holders from jam jars and an art piece from broken CD’s.

The presentation ended on the giving away of the ‘Speaker of the Week’ badges awarded to those 13 students from the Secondary Section who are making a dedicated effort to speak in English and serve as motivation to the others to speak confidently in English too.


Students of Junior B had brought objects related to the five senses for ‘Show and Tell’. There was an array of things to be seen, heard, felt and yes some to be smelled and tasted too! They also showed how all the senses were involved in Noha and Aweel on Imam Husain A.S.