The Robotics Fever at BHS

The much anticipated Robotics sessions started from 3rd August for classes 5-7 and since then every week students eagerly wait for Thursdays.

In the first class the young enthusiasts learned to build the mini bot car. It took a lot of time but the students just wanted to program it and see the car move.

In the second class they were taught about programming ( pick and drop). The students were quick as thunder and had fun as they kept changing the speed and rotation. They were exhilarated by one race one after another.

In the subsequent classes the challenges were becoming difficult and students were challenging themselves by using their math skills and knowledge of angles and shapes to program the car to move in such away that they can form a triangle , Number 5 and 8.

The challenges were tough and time was less but the students continued to program. At times the robot failed  a task but the students picked themselves up and reprogrammed.

It is thrilling to watch the students animated in every class and their desire to learn something new and exciting is contagious.

22 thoughts on “The Robotics Fever at BHS

  1. It’s great Mashallah
    Can we have a video clip to watch our children excitement n intelligence 🙂

  2. Technology means a steps ahead to 21st century .
    Right step by BHS mangement.
    My aprecaution and all the best .

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