Readers All Geared to become Tomorrow’s Leaders

As part of the English Drive at BHS reading is being emphasized with much zest and creativity.

The students of class 6 were introduced were encouraged to read an article or story from Dawn’s Young World. The main idea behind the activity was that students learn to see through and handle the paper.

The activity was then taken to another level by asking the students to find the topic of the story and writer.

The final step in the process was retelling the story and explaining the moral or main idea of the story in their own words.

When the colourful children’s magazines were being distributed among the students, they were thrilled to skim through the paper and kept asking what to read and how much.

Once the students spotted the article of their interest there was pin drop silence in the class. Students were so engaged in reading that time flew by and they pleaded for more reading time.

After the first student retold her story, everyone wanted to have a go at retelling. The students learnt to look for an article by looking for the topic first which will help then know what the article is about. But the most important outcome of the day was the love of reading which blossomed.