Little Scientists

Children learn best when they’re involved in the learning. Hands-on science encourages children to observe and ask questions, touch and smell, explore and experiment. A learning experience will become more meaningful if it gives children the chance to make discoveries on their own. Being ‘scientists’ allowed the Montessori Seniors to ask the why, how, and what

Dinosaur Discovery

This week the Montessori Seniors and Juniors had an opportunity to learn about the prehistoric animals, ‘Dinosaurs’. Dinosaurs have always fascinated all of us. For our young children this topic was thrilling; ‘What are dinosaurs?’, ‘How do we know about them?  ‘How long ago did they exist?’  Many questions like this were popping in their

Arts Exibition

The Artist in Me

Learning about what people do is always fascinating at any age. The Reception children are currently learning about professions and the topic of the week was ‘Artist’. Being artists for the week was a lot of fun for the children. They worked with different mediums and learned about the tools an artist uses. Finally they