This year in February 2019, Badri High School has created history.  It has become the first Pakistani school as well as the first Dawoodi Bohra institution to have two speakers chosen to speak at GESS DUBAI 2019 held at the World Trade Centre, Dubai.

The GESS Education Fair is a platform where academicians, researchers and educational stakeholders from the Middle East, Asia and European regions come together to share expertise, hold discussions as well as showcase products which may enrich the learning experience.

Professors, PhD’s, experts and academicians share their researches and experiences with other teachers and educationists. It’s fascinating to see qualified teachers become learners and share their academic expertise. Some enclosures where the talks are held  are so packed that attendees have to sit on the ground or even stand to hear the discourse.

Ms. Tasneem Sh. Hashim Marsiawala, Head of the Preprimary Section at Badri High School, and Ms. Rashida Adnan, Head of stem education at BHS  became the first Pakistanis and Dawoodi Bohras to be speakers at GESS DUBAI 2019.

On 27th and 28th February 2019, Ms. Tasneem spoke on ‘The How and Why of Getting them on Stage’ in the Furture Learning enclosure, while Ms. Rashida spoke in the exclusive Leadership Stream enclosure on ‘Teachers as Leaders’.

The event was heavily attended by educationists from over the globe as well as community members including Qasre Aali Sahebs, MSB delegations from all over the world as well as Taleem office and Idara officials.

Ms. Rashida Adnan reveals about her experience, “It was an overwhelming experience! As a teacher I always wished to represent my country and community at such a stage where so many educationists shared their teaching and learning to make the world better for the next generation and cater to their needs. I felt I was in the sky when someone came forward and asked if we were a school based in Dubai and when I told her that we were from Karachi she was shocked. This is a reaction I will remember for life.”


Ms. Tasneem Hashim shares, “From visitor to speaker at GESS Dubai, it was an exhilarating journey of learning & discovering, growth & progress. That moment for me manifest in itself all that Badri High School stands for and believes in: to uplift & upgrade, to inspire & motivate, and to encourage & support each and every being associated with it. Proud to be a part of this esteemed institution.”

Looking back, a small delegation of BHS visited GESS DUBAI two years ago where they were awestruck by the advancement educational technology has made.  Here they discovered ROBOTICS and they came back and did the impossible.  They made a highly expensive robotics program of STEM education through LEGO accessible to the students of Badri High School.  Today we are at a point where BHS is winning Interschool robotics contests.

Last year in February 2018 our delegation became bigger and they discovered Arduino which was again incorporated in the Secondary curriculum.  It was heartening to watch young teens enjoy the open source platform of Arduino programming.

May each year ahead be yet another feather in the BHS cap!




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