Together We Make Pakistan

The flutter of green and white; the kaleidoscope of stars and crescents was everywhere on campus on Friday the 16th of August 2019, as Badri High School celebrated the 73rd Independence day of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan with a two hour program at the beginning of the day.

In line with our dedication to ensure Muntalaqe Islami in everything we impart, and honouring the prized days of Ohbat ul Ashara, the Independence day festivities revolved around the precious words of Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS. Aali Qadr Maula TUS, as he bid farewell to Karachi at the end of the recent visit in July 2019, revealed that the antidote to all the problems facing Pakistan lie in the remembrance of Imam Husain AS by all Pakistanis.

Thus, we began the day, as we do daily with the Recitation of Quran and the Matam and Buqa of Imam Husain AS.

We ensured our solidarity with the people of Kashmir by dedicating a poem to their plight. This was followed by melodious renditions of Iqbal’s ‘Lab Pai Aati Hai Dua’ and moving enactments on popular and soulful national songs. The central theme was the vibrant cultures of the provinces of Pakistan and how they come together as a mosaic to become the larger picture of Pakistan. Inspiring poems and impassioned speeches fueled the young students. The last item was a touching skit on terrorism and how the youth can play a role in combating this menace.

The event was further illuminated by the presence of our revered Chief Guest, Janab Sh Husain bhai Ezzi, Amil Saheb of Mohammadi Mohalla, who expressed his delight on being invited and urged the pupils of BHS to play a productive role in the progress of the country.