Flying High; Reaching for the Skies

PAF museum symbolizes nothing but the element of grace, dignity and the charm of patriotic sentiments. It stands strong and robust as an example of the Pakistan Air Force’s relentless and valiant efforts to safeguard each individual of Pakistan.

To acknowledge and pay tribute to our heroes’ grits and sacrifices, students of grade 7 were taken for a field trip to the PAF museum on 18th of November, 2019.

The clear blue sky streaked with the white of peace ignited students with passion and energy.  The history of each fighter plane completely inspired the students as they were left in admiration knowing that the briefing for each aircraft was given by the retired air force pilot himself, Shk.Abbas bhai Mohsin Petiwala—a source of pride for our community.

Shk. Abbas bhai Petiwala is a star pilot who has served in the Air Force for more than 33 years, holding badges like Sitara-e-Jurrat and Sitara-e-Imtiaz which made students appreciate the fruits of education. Shk. Abbas eloquently orated his experience of flying different fighter planes, not missing out on any detail. The way he communicated brought life to each exhibited plane and the students’ anticipation rose to the level where they bombarded Shk. Abbas bhai with questions.

Sharing one of his experiences he remembered crashing a plane risking his and his fellow partner’s life for the sake of their country. This spirit of patriotism motivated students to the level that they pledged to serve their nation by any possible means.

Marching further, students glanced at the mannequin of the captured Indian pilot Abhinandan. They were enthralled knowing how spirited our national heroes were at the Pulwama attack.

Later, students were rewarded with a canteen treat and a gala time at the end of their trip as they maintained immaculate discipline and showcased optimistic demeanor.
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