The little children of Playgroup presented their first ever stage program on Friday, 28th February 2020 on the new purposely-built, school stage. The stage is created around shady palm trees encircled by brightly colored stone benches. The palms rise up from the center of the stage and give it its distinctive charm.

After 4 weeks of practice, from coaxing the children to climb on to the stage to doing the actions required, they were finally ready to perform in front of their parents.

As parents came in, they were offered a golden chocolate coin in welcome and asked to pick an instrument from the ones displayed and also write the name of their favourite chocolate on a slip of paper.

The program began at 9:30 with tilawat by Hussaina Abbas in her sweet voice. She was joined by Mohammad and Aliasghar in doing tasbeeh and reciting marsiyah.

The first presentation was ‘Penguins Attention!’ sung in her melodious voice by Ms. Rashida Mohammad in harmony with the piano tunes by the music teacher Sir Ashfaq. It was followed by ‘Shake your Sillies out’ sung with gusto by Ms. Rashida Rizwan. An interactive storytelling session for parents was planned between the children’s presentations in which each character in the story, The Gingerbread Man, was assigned a musical instrument and parents had to whistle, shake, rattle, blow or beat their instrument whenever that character was mentioned. Parents participated with obvious pleasure and enthusiasm to create a delightful cacophony of sounds. The final presentation was ‘Hop little Bunnies’ after which the gift chocolate (Mars) was gifted by Janab Amilsaheb to the lucky parent who had written Mars as her favourite chocolate.

All the lovely costumes had been prepared by parents for which we are immensely thankful to them and applaud their amazing efforts.

Parents took pictures at the ‘Let’s Click a Choco-shot’ booth and left a comment at the ‘Cocomment board’.

It was truly a Chocolicious experience!